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spoiler_song's Journal

Doctor River Song
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The River Song Appreciation Community!
Hello Sweetie

Welcome to Spoiler_Song, the River Song Community of the Eleven Empire!

This is the place to find fic, vids, icons, and all sorts of River-related fanworks as well as a LOT of fangirlish squeefests.

"She's Mrs Doctor from the future, isn't she?" (A note on shipping):
We have a special place in our hearts for the River/Doctor ship, but ALL RIVER SHIPS ARE WELCOME, plenty of our members hold the flag for River/Someone Else Really Cool, so please respect their shipping preferences as well!

It's against the rules. What rules? Your rules.

1. PLAY NICE. Be polite and respectful of fellow members and guests at all times.
2. LJ-CUTS. Use them. Please be considerate of other members by placing the following under LJ-Cuts :

• ALL Fanfics
• ALL Picspams
• Large Graphics (Basically anything larger than icons, although thumbnail teasers are fine!)
• Posts longer than 300 words.
• Icon Batches (You may include three samples above the cut.)
• SPOILERS!!! (Yes, we love them. They still go under cuts.)
3. WARNINGS. Please clearly label your fics and graphics if they are not suitable for minors or not safe for work ;) Also, if there are spoilers for any unaired or freshly aired episodes, label them above the LJ-cut.

Psychic Paper Messaging:
If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please contact me.


If you would like to affiliate with Spoiler_Song, please contact me (adribetty394).

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